How to flirt with a topless waitress

How to flirt with a topless waitress

Have you ever been struck by a topless waitress at a restaurant or café? Was she enticing, appealing, pleasant, and flirtatious? Maybe she showed an interest in you? It’s always unwise to ask a server out since it muddles what should be a basic business encounter. How can you tell whether she’s like this with all of her customers? If you decide to ask a server out, try to be a gentleman – courteous, discreet, and courteous – and, most importantly, don’t be a creep.

Flirt subtly. 

Every month, every week, and sometimes every shift, topless waitresses deal with forward guys. If you approach her too eagerly, boldly, or aggressively, she may raise her defenses before you’ve even made a play. She may think to herself, “He’s just another one of THOSE people.” Your mission will be doomed as a result of this.

  • A jerk will say something along the lines of, “Hey, when does your shift end?” This is not just a horrible statement, but it also gives the impression that you will be waiting for her at closing time.
  • Don’t be too transparent, and don’t be creepy at the same time. Instead, strike up a discussion with her, such as, “This is my first time here.” Wow, are Tuesdays often that hectic for you?”

Be polite. 

You should be a gentleman and on your best behavior, just as you would while flirting. Make it apparent that you are kind, courteous, and considerate — not a creep. Do the same politeness trappings you use in other social situations.

  • Use the phrases “please” and “thank you.” Even if a topless waitress is serving you, she is still a person who deserves to be treated as such. This is merely ordinary courtesy.
  • Do not refer to her as sweetie or any other nickname. It is patronizing. Also, don’t stare at her. You will most likely make her uncomfortable, even if she is incredibly attractive. 
  • Try not to grumble about the restaurant. Your topless waitress did not create the menu, determine the prices, or decorate the restaurant. She also has no influence over how crowded the restaurant is. Complaining will just irritate her. 
  • However, you may attempt empathizing with her. If the restaurant is overcrowded, for example, express your support by saying, “It really is packed tonight.” They should provide you more assistance with the tables.”

Order what she recommends. 

Your topless waitress is an expert on the menu and knows it like the back of her hand. She understands what’s good, what’s mediocre, and what goes to waste. Inquire about her suggestions. She’ll notice and direct you to a tasty supper.

• On the other hand, don’t order something from the menu or ask her to make adjustments; it displays a degree of trust and shifts the conversation to her. This makes her work more difficult and is only going to upset her.

Talk about something other than food. 

She had spent the entire day talking about food. Change the subject to something more fascinating, whether it’s about you or about her. Make an effort to come across as truly fascinating.

  • There will be no lengthy discussions on who the restaurant’s meat supplier is or how much the business pays for vodka wholesale.
  • Make a few remarks about yourself, or at least imply it. Topless waitresses are frequently approached, and though they are usually pleasant, if they don’t know you well, they will most likely decline.
  • At the same moment, change the subject to her. It’s easy to come across as self-absorbed if you just talk about yourself. People that are empathic ask inquiries and listen to others.

Tip well. 

Keep in mind that tips account for around 85% of a topless waitress‘ overall earnings. Tipping is not only courteous, but it also communicates that you are well-mannered, confident, kind, and interested.

  • Tip as much as you can, but don’t be stingy. If you err on the side of generosity, you’ll make a better impression. 
  • You may recall when 15% was considered normal for good service. Those days are no longer with us. In today’s world, the usual gratuity is closer to 20%. For the optimum result, aim for a percentage of 20% or even 25%.

Don’t monopolize her attention. 

Keep in mind that your topless waitress is trying to earning a living. She has other tables to service as well as other obligations. You’ll rapidly irritate her if you try to attract her attention too often.

  • Keep in mind that she may be really busy. It’s even polite to recognize it, as in “I don’t want to keep you here chatting for too long.” I realize you have a lot of work ahead of you!”
  • Keep in mind that if you dominate her time, she may face backlash from her bosses.

Avoid sexual advances. 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will sink your attempts to pique your topless waitress’s interest like provocative or offensive approaches. Always remember to put your best foot forward and be courteous. 

  • You’re not at a nightclub or frat house; you’re in a restaurant. 
  • Touching or making unwelcome approaches is never acceptable. This is true of any woman, not just your topless waitress. There will be no sexual comments, gestures, or banter. 
  • Alcohol might make you lose your inhibitions and say things you’ll later regret. If you’ve had too much to drink, don’t continue flirting; if she asks you to stop doing anything, stop.

Don’t overstay your welcome. 

Your first idea could be that if you wait until she finishes working, the topless waitress would have more time and be more amenable to accepting a date. This first thought is incorrect. Instead, it appears to be scary. When it’s time to leave, know when to select your position.

  • Your server is unlikely to want to join you for a cup or coffee just after her shift. She is more than likely eager to get home. You’d be better off just asking her, making your move, and moving on with your night.
  • If the topless waitress believes you’re interested, your prolonged presence will be a huge source of distraction and frustration for her.

Don’t necessarily ask the first time. 

You don’t have to act on your first reaction if you’ve started up an enjoyable chat with your server and feel a relationship with her. Please take your time. If the restaurant is close by, consider stopping in every now and again.

  • Develop a sense of mutual respect. 
  • While being a regular is OK, don’t go to the restaurant too frequently lest you appear to be stalking her. She can be frightened off if you consistently dine at the same table and always grin at her.
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